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MA Project Management 53rd Edition

For the last 16 years, we have been successfully training executives in project, program and portfolio management.  The Project Management Master (MA) has overseen the formation of project managers who have become efficient in succeeding in business and in their organizations in which they work.

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16 years of teaching successfully our Master in Project Management
54 editions
over 2,000 newly trained Project Managers
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Course overview

One of the effects of globalization and the development of new technologies is the increase in competition. Both individual professionals and businesses, regardless of their size must adapt and prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.

The future of both public and private organizations involves objective-driven operations, process administration and project management in which a leader´s strength lies. All of this can open a huge array of professional opportunities, which we can help students attain.

Successful management involves the effective handling of projects with different orders of magnitude, technical complexity, limited budgets and turnaround times which can only be efficiently tackled by highly skilled professionals.

Training the best Project Managers

For the last 16 years, we have been successfully training executives in project, program and portfolio management. The Project Management Master (MA) has overseen the formation of project managers who have become efficient in succeeding in business and in their organizations in which they work.

We have pioneered Project Management in Europe through this Master in Project Management. By cooperating with three of the Spanish PMI Chapters: Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. The program has championed the establishment of Project Management in Europe and has become the most important Project management reference in Latin America.

Our Project Management (MA) applies the best practices in the field, and is built on fundamental international standards: PMP-PMI + Prince2 + ISO + IPMA +Scrum + Kanban, etc. We count among our ranks some of the best internationally recognized Project Managers who will guide students in obtaining official certifications to these levels.

Principal objectives of this MA

The student will be fully prepared to successfully sit for the most important Project Management exams: PMI, PRINCE2, IPMA, ITIL, ISO 21500, etc. This MA will raise your professional profile as a Project Manager, positioning you favorably as a recruitment prospect.

Each student will learn how to manage projects in compliance with internationally accepted and recognized standards. Which will not only garner one with self-confidence but will also encourage others to entrust you with their projects.

We will provide you with essential resources of information and expose you to a network of connections that will benefit you for the rest of your professional career. Also you will come into contact with the most relevant international professional associations and will benefit from liaising with teachers and fellow students.

The student will develop the management skills essential to your profile. Learning how to negotiate, buy, sell, communicate, lead and delegate at an international level will be core skills developed during the program.

The student will learn how to expertly apply the most popular Agile methodologies (Agile, Scrum, Kanban, …). Allowing you to develop as the skills in becoming a highly versatile and robust Project Manager. You will learn to effectively implement standards such as PMP, Prince2 and ISO.

As a part of the Executive program and included in its cost, a student can elect to follow a one year language course (approximately 1,000 hours per language) in English, French, German, Italian or Chinese. The student can decide to study two, three or even all of the available languages. The Executive program also includes the completion of a Project of a student’s own creation, which will have the continuous backing and guidance of a tutor. This will enable you to manage projects whilst adhering to the highest standards of quality and excellence. Subsequently the student will graduate from the course with a project that is ready for you or a possible future employment implementation.

The networking and additional knowledge acquired from the two weeks imparted in Madrid, Spain (optional non-compulsory sessions, included within the Executive Program) will provide you with an unforgettable experience and a firm platform on which to base current and, more importantly future projects management practices.

Who will benefit from the course?

The Project Management MA has a history which spans over sixteen years covering fifty three editions. It was originally aimed at students with a minimum of three of Project Management experience. The students who has successfully completed this MA have enriched their CVs and professional careers by going on to become key players in Project Management at an international level.

From the 53rd edition, and through popular demand, we have opened our course to students that do not hold relevant professional experience in this field. This in turn has leadto the creation of specific groups who wish to enter the Project Management field for the very first time.
Both profiles are independent from one another with each having their own core set of activities.

This master program will benefit:

Professionals with previous experience in Project Management

Professionals without previous experience in Project Management

Methodologies and services

Our advanced Project Management MA is the first of our courses. It is taught in three different formats: business online, executive online and executive with part-time attendance. There are three language options to choose from: Spanish, English or bilingual. This enables us to offer a range of options for potential students taking into consideration their geographical, financial or time constraints situations.

Under each of the available formats, the course is carried out using the most advanced technologies. From a practical point of view, students are encouraged to work in a collaborative, professional and multidisciplinary environments enabling them to manage implemented projects. We believe that a student can truly learn how to manage a project by reproducing the whole project life cycle.

The Project Management MA in English provide the students with options to select the most convenient path way considering at all times their present and future working environment. Welcome to the international elite in Project Management!

Expert Course



desde 1.800 €

Master Executive


60 ECTS + Executive Program

6.395 € (with the "I share" promotion)

Welcome to the International Elite in Project Management!

Master with double degree (optional)

Project Manager, a promising future

The reasons why the Master in Project Management Executive will enhance your career

  • It is a Master suitable for any technical background.
  • Public and private companies in all sectors are nowadays requiring the use of projects.
  • Companies are demanding professional project managers to successfully manage their projects.
  • There is a high demand of project managers and low offer of available professionals.
  • A certify project manager well prepared will have access to multiple sectors and attractive working offers.
  • The Master will highly improve your career path in your company

Testimonies of our Alumni

Mohamed Abdeljawad Makki I gained great competences for managing more complex projects
I applied for a place on the executive master in the project management course because I am very interested in the topics covered particularly PMP and Agile. My interest in these areas was first aroused during my undergraduate studies at the Omdurman Islamic University where I studied project management ...
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Rami Asa´d Abu Hamdan This year has been full of challenges but the reward made the effort worthwhile.
I am very fortunate to have done my Master in Project Management guided by the team of this executive master. To all of them thank you for their involvement and commitment in taking part of my success. I will specially like to thank my project tutor Julio Macias to whom I am extremely grateful for his guidance ...
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Miryan Rico Salas Cada día me sorprende
En base a todo esto, me decidí por realizar este máster en dirección y gestión de proyectos, y hasta ahora puedo confirmar que no me ha defraudado en nada, es más, cada día me sorprende con nuevas iniciativas y propuestas, y me hace sentir que sin duda mi elección ha sido realmente acertada.”
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