Become a Project Manager

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Become a Project Manager

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If you want to become a project manager you have arrived at the right place. MDAP and the University of Alcala offer an online master’s degree in project management. A distance training that will allow you to make your dream come true.

Being a project manager is perhaps not the profession one dreams of as a child. The usual thing is to want to be an astronaut, a policeman, a fireman, a princess or a superhero.

However, as you get older you realize that for now few people go into space, being a cop or firefighter can be riskier than you thought, that you have very little chance of being a princess and that being a superhero requires skills that you don’t acquire just like that.

Instead, there is a job that allows you to make the rockets that take people into space a reality, that leads the projects that build the vehicles and the technology that law enforcement uses, or the larger buildings that humanity has built.

We talk about the job as a project manager, which although not as striking as being a superhero, there are those who see similarities between Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Elon Musk, a man who has led some of the most remarkable projects of this century.

What is a project manager?

The project manager is the person in charge of leading a project. He or she must assemble a team and lead it to achieve the objectives within the budget and on time.

This job requires natural skills for organization and leadership. Social skills are also a plus, as projects are made possible by people.

Dynamic professional profiles are the most sought after in these times.

In these times, where technology is predominant and everything is evolving rapidly, more and more profiles of dynamic professionals are being sought. People who are able to adapt to changes and unforeseen events are most needed.

In fact, a high percentage of projects are currently developed with agile methodologies. This project management model coexists with change and unforeseen events. During the life cycle of the project, the processes are repeated to adjust to these changes with the idea of improving, and thus achieve a higher quality product or service.

How to become a project manager

Many project managers have made themselves. Soft skills, the talent for leadership or the ease of organising may be sufficient to achieve that first opportunity.

These are not run-of-the-mill skills, but they can be worked on if you really want to be a project manager. If you already have these skills you have a great advantage, what you lack to grow professionally is to know the management techniques.

Training in project management helps to deepen the different techniques that help to plan, reduce risks, facilitate management, facilitate communication and pave the way to success.

Currently the most popular postgraduate training is the master’s degree in project management. Many universities offer these courses in person, but unfortunately many people cannot attend them due to their circumstances.

The best alternative is the online master’s degree in project management. MDAP has been teaching this course for over 15 years. If you want to grow professionally but lack time, this is a great opportunity. It also saves a lot of money without compromising on quality training.

If you are interested, you can now consult the MA Project Management programme and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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