IPMA and project management certification

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IPMA and project management certification

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The International Project Management Association (IPMA) is a Swiss-based organization primarily dedicated to the certification of project management competencies. Our Master’s degree program in Project Management includes a module that prepares students to obtain this internationally recognised certification.

A MA in Project Management provides in-depth knowledge to manage projects using standard methodologies to get things right. Certifications are not an end in itself, but a way of accrediting knowledge that needs to be renewed.

What is IPMA certification?

IPMA certification encompasses technical, contextual and behavioural competencies. That is, it evaluates the fundamental technical capacities, its ability to relate to the organisation and its attitudes and skills throughout the project life cycle.

This certification rewards technical expertise and values our performance as project managers. There are currently more than 250,000 IPMA certified professionals globally. Approximately one third of them are certified at advanced levels of competence (levels A, B or C).

Once you have completed your master’s degree, you can obtain certification in any of its more than 50 national associations in countries on five continents. This certification must be renewed periodically depending on the level achieved.

IPMA levels

IPMA has developed a four-level certification framework. This hierarchy allows the project manager to be accredited according to his or her level of maturity. These are the levels from lowest to highest:

  • Level D, Certified Project Management Associated. It mainly proves technical knowledge and does not require previous experience.
  • Level C, Certified Project Manager. He has at least three years’ experience and knowledge as a project manager.
  • Level B, Certified Senior Project Manager. It accredits professionals with more than five years of experience in complex projects, three of which have been with a leadership role.
  • Level A, Certified Project Director. It is the highest accreditation and is intended for professionals who have managed very complex projects with a strategic impact on the organization. In his last twelve years of experience, he must have accumulated at least five years of experience leading this type of project.

In the MDAP project management master’s degree we accept professionals with and without previous experience in project management. Throughout the course we will develop the elements of competence that, according to IPMA, a Project Manager should have.

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