Objectives and skills you will acquire as Project Manager

Objectives and skills you will acquire as Project Manager

This MA is focused on giving the student the skills set in becoming a fully qualified Project Manager with internationally recognized professional qualifications of the highest order. From the moment you enroll on this course, your personal objectives become our targeted goals. We will help you achieve your goals.

In life, we all experience the individual pressures of life. Therefore, we have adapted our Project Management MA to make it compatible with the realities of everyday modern living. As a student you will find that the time that you invest in this Masters (around 8 hours per week) will give you the opportunity to attain the result deserved.

Our Project Management Masters is an open forum of ideas, experiences and knowledge, and you are its main protagonist. You will benefit from a personalized learning process while interacting with fellow students. As a university we see this process as a shared responsibility which create the foundation of effective teams. This Masters will assure the student is able to translate the best practices into its working environment while also benefiting in the field of business administration and operations management.

1Developing the confidence to manage Projects

You will undertake the management of your projects with confidence by delivering each project with the highest degree of professionalism and effectiveness. The key is to choose the most appropriate methodology for each project, case and client.

You will achieve this goal through acquiring the complete body of knowledge pertaining to Project Management at an international level, without drifting away from established best practices and widely recognized certifications in Project Management.

As a student, you will learn to manage a project through practical experience. We will invite you to work with the academic team and the other students in the management of a project. During the Masters, we will assist the student in putting the knowledge that they acquire into practice. This process allows for the continuous and cumulative evolution for the student to attain the competencies of a Project Manager.

2To successfully pass International Professional Management Certificate examinations

Successfully take Project Management accreditation exams. This Masters covers all the knowledge elements that students will require and which are perfectly structured under the units that make up our academic programme. This will enable the student to sit the most challenging exams in our field. Please remember that to sit these exams you must comply with the regulations and criteria of each institution.

The available certifications include: Project Management Professional (PMP®) Project Management Institute + Project Management (PDP) – IPMA + Projects IN Controlled Environments-2 (PRINCE2 Foundation) + IT Infrastructure Library V3 (ITIL V3 Foundation) + Certifications in Agile Methodologies + PMI Business Analysis (Executive programme) + Business Model Canvas (Executive programme).

3Build on your CV and consolidate your pathway to becoming a Project Manager

To become a successful Project Manager, it can only be possible through education that focuses on achieving the highest standards of excellence. Our Masters will establish you the student as a person of reference, a trusted leader and a true Project Manager.

Tackling your professional future using the right tools for guaranteed success: the future of every company, whether public or private, rests on an objective-driven management, a clear structuring of each process and the management of every project. This opens up huge career opportunities that we will help you succeed.

4Implement projects using the most relevant Project Management software

Within the Executive Master in Project Management and Administration, the student will carry out an in-depth study of Microsoft Project (MS Project). We will also consider other relevant software in order to provide the student with a broad understanding of the various software packages available in this field.

You will learn to use other relevant tools and approaches within project management. We will focus especially on applying collaborative tools.

5Develop managerial skills and abilities

Two units are dedicated to this topic: Leadership and Behavioral Competencies. These will form the foundation for developing managerial skills and abilities that are critical to Project Management.

Successful projects require the mastery of a range of skills beyond the simple implementation of management methodology. We will coach you into developing skills in negotiation, purchasing, sales, communication, organization, analysis, presentation, contracting and people management. A successful Project Manager will be competent in all these areas.

6Understanding project finances from an organization’s perspective

A project is created to generate revenue and value. To achieve both, you will study the financial ins and outs of a project. Viewed both as an autonomous entity and in its relation to other projects, programs and portfolios. This is all intrinsically linked to the organization’s strategic goals.

A step towards career progression: a successful Project Manager will naturally gravitate in his/her evolutionary path towards the reinforcement of an organization’s established strategy. By studying this Masters, students will be in a position to graduate with a view to seizing future opportunities that come their way.

7Become familiar with the preeminent sources of information and best practices in Project Management

Projects are not isolated entities, which is why Project Managers cannot afford to isolate themselves. Our current and future positioning is achieved through gaining an understanding of the most relevant professional partnerships at an international level, exposure to the extensive bibliography available under the Executive programme, and importantly through liaising with the team behind the Project Management and Administration Masters, fellow students and past alumni

As a student, you must establish relationships and build a list of contacts which will help assist in future professional networking.

8Finding sponsorship for your Project Management MA as a value generating tool

Securing financial sponsorship for your Masters means identifying who to approach, how and when. To the question of whom you should target, the answer would be the external “client” or organization which will benefit from a student’s newly learned skills. As to the how and when, the student will be able to request assistance in the form of guidance and support from the programs administration.

Together, we will develop a project which could be used as a sample in your target organization/client. Consider the following: under the Executive programme you will develop a project over the course of nine months, in parallel to the core Masters course. This project will become an invaluable asset and template for every future project the student embark upon.

9Understanding high level project concepts of key importance

The concepts that will define your professional future within Project Management are: PMO + Program + Budget + Portfolio + Strategy, etc.

The evolution of the Project Manager role: projects will grow in breadth and complexity. They will evolve away from the basic description of a project and merge into something greater, leading to new opportunities as well as responsibilities. Always with one eye on the horizon, we will anticipate together the likely opportunities that the future holds.

10Improve your mastery of a second, third or more languages,..

The Executive program offers the following languages: English, French, Italian and Chinese. Language modules are not officially assessed nor will they be taken into account when determining your final Masters grade. They are considered simply as beneficial additions to the student´s personal and professional development.

Each language involves approximately 1,000 hours of study time, with 5 levels of proficiency ranging from beginner to expert.