Payment by credit card – TPV

Payment POS: Convenience and Security in your payments

The operation of the virtual POS is simple and safe. It consists of three phases:

Phase I: student data and amount

The first phase, collect your data as a student and the amount you want to pay.

It is important that you indicate in the student's details if possible, both surnames, as this will help us to identify you quickly and accurately.

The amount is a numerical data. You should not enter any currency symbols. The program will be in charge of carrying out the transaction in Euro. If you need to enter a decimal number you can use either the period or the comma as a decimal separator.

After filling in both fields and clicking on the "continue" button, you will be directed to a second page.

Phase II: payment summary detail

On the next page you will find a summary of your payment. Check the data and if everything is correct click on the "Finish" button.

In case you detect any errors, you should start the process all over again.

Phase III: bank connection, selection of payment method, transaction confirmation and proof of payment

A new window will open in your browser of the bank responsible for carrying out the transaction and has all the security measures to protect your data. On the right side of the page you have a form to fill in with your bank payment details. On the left side the purchase summary.

Phase I: